Colonial Shipping Papers

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Very scarce items. They come in many different sizes: check size, some fold out, some are very large. All are good clean originals, museum quality.

D1: 1765 Jamaica, March 20th. Cargo of Sundries shipped aboard the Brig. "Sea Horse" from Jamaica. It lists John Calvert, Edward Jones Merch , Simon Traffick and Charles Smart. The bill was to be paid in London in sterling. Early rare shipping document in nice condition with some wear.--$125

D6: 1752 London sales of 2 barrs of gold received from ship “The London” and Capt. William Richards. Gold barrs melted down to 40 oz. long document shows what Michael Bland received for his commission. folds open/ with slit. try and find a document like this anywhere at this price --$178

D7: 1790 Swinburne & Co. 6 days work on the Brig. “Hanna” nice handwriting --$38

D7a: 1799 Boston June 12 A 9 page booklet(9 pages including front and back pages) without covers, shows a record keep of ships worked on . Mentions Brig. "Lyda", time on the ship "Neutrality", the "Dolphin"(I do remember a Slaver by the name of Dolphin) and the "John Jay", materials used were Tar, pitch, turpentine, ocum, and rosin. Work on the "Dolphin" shows Ocum, oak board 12 foot. Various worker's names are Alley, Benjaman, Limeon, Jacob(Hiler), Peater, Stockman, Whitman, Woodard. Also in the document are numbers, lines drawn that total I do think hours per person. They are placed by each person's name. The document even has a drawing of a vessel. Very well written verse by a good hand speaks about Honour. Being the document is from Jacob Hiler it was probably written by him. It is hard to place a price on this rarity, a super maritime collectible--$265

D8: 1800 ship “Follensbe” wine, brandy, gin statement with many entries. nice --$70

D9: 1815 Boston Stampless letter written to a Merchant Samual B Morris of Philadelphia. Written May 15, 1815 it speaks of many hundreds chests of Young Hyson tea being delivered for auction/ sale from the Brig Rambler. Easily read and very decent condition. Speaks of the Ship Jacob Jones and a Schooner Tamaah. I found on the Internet "RootsWeb" more information regarding this letter about the time America was in following the War of 1812. Here is what I found in my words: May 8, 1815 a Monday, the Brig Rambler with another ship the Jacob Jones showed up in Boston harbor and is stated, fired rounds to salute the town. The ships were over 100 days leaving Canton, China burdened with cargoes of tea, silk and other items of good value. The Rootsweb article said they were two of the first ships leaving China since the war had ended. The new items they carried made merchants happy. Also stated was the Ship Jacob Jones had exchanged cannon fire with a British warship.The British Ship ran out of Ammo. The Jacob Jones captured two British ships loaded with opium and gold dust. This letter is in very nice condition for its age. It sports a red circular postal stamp that shows "Boston". The signer of the letter is R. Elwell & Co. Should be in a worthy very nice collection!$300

D12: 1767 New Providence, West Indies. lumber salvaged from Brig. “Apollo” (wrecked?) and auctioned. reverse shows sold for by 109 pieces of eight. written by Vendue Master (auctioneer), nice --$99

D13: 1798 New York, An original customs document of Archibald Gracie, famous post-revolution Scottish merchant of New York City for whom "Gracie Mansion" is named (and where most mayors of New York City (NYC) have resided). Archibald Gracie (1755-1829), founder of the great firm of East India merchants, was born in Dumfries. He was a lifelong friend of Robert Lenox and was associated with him in many financial and philanthropic undertakings. Both were presidents of the St. Andrew’s Society of New York. This two page document shows the import of 20 hogsheads of sugar from Cape Francois, Haiti. The bill shows at $510.30. First page is a preprinted, filled including the "master" of the ship, Cheney Higbe. Schooner "Friendship" Dated the 12th of June, 1798. The second page is handwritten and includes details of the imported sugar. The documents are in good shape with edge wear and chipping. They are joined by a wax seal in the upper left corner.--$67

D14: 1802 Bill of lading ship “Follensbe” sugar, indigo, bedwood, etc. sailing for Nantes, France. Capt. Tom Murfey, nice --$55

D15: 1796 ship “Amiable Matilda” brings Geneva gin from Rotterdam to Philadelphia. long and wide top-notch document. all pipes of gin listed/ charges. A+ condition --$105

D16: 1798 Santo Domingo(Haiti)-Cape Francois-Two original documents, the seals on each shown below. First the one written in English is by Jacob Mayer then the Counsul of the USA based in Cape Francois. Mr. Mayer was appointed to this position by Mr. George Washington the first President of the USA. This document shows the understanding about Mayer and what he represents. "I Jacob Mayer, Counsul of the United States of America, resident at Cape Francois, do hereby certify that Terreblanque, figured to the annexed condemnation is Chief Clerk to the Tribunal of Commerce, established in this city and full faith, credit and authority are due to all his proceedings as such. Given under my hand and at Cape Francois, this seventh day of November, one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight". Jacob Mayer. The second document 4 pages dated Oct. 18, 1798 which goes together with the first one. This second written in French are several areas that can be understood about a capture by the French of an American Ship named Harwich. The Master was named Capt. Driggs from Middletown, Connecticut. This document is signed by Mr. Terreblanque the person mentioned in Consul Mayer's earlier document. I do have some more information on Capt. Driggs if interested when purchasing this very historic lot. This two document lot wouild fit well in the most advanced collection. Very scarce to rare early history of American/Haiti relations--$360

D17: 1796 ship “Nuestra Senora del Carmen” Spanish Brig. (navio) brings olives and wine to Newport, RI. could this be the 64 gun warship built in Havanna shipyards in 1730? Spain used to rename warships after the original had been retired from service. would this be second or third with the same name?? only warships had names like this. document in nice condition, I want $110

D18: 1789 Nov. 14 - Import manifest showing a shipment of sugar from Haiti to the port of New York. For John Smith from Schooner "Hope" Capt. Clark from Cape Francis 15 hogsheads of sugar, 19 barrels and a bag, written by John Bancken weight Master. Shows the totals. Then shows a total for Capt. Clark, 3 hogsheads of sugar, 6 barrels, bag of coffee. Document had been in some scrap book at one time. Shows to strips of cloth tape mounted on reverse in the high corners. They do not affect the document much. Also two strips of tape on reverse on the folds. Nice neatly done. Partial water mark middle left of document. Nice trade document--$62

D18a: 1790 Jan. 17- Schooner Hardy, James McKeven Master now riding at anchor in- Port au Prince -bound for, Philadelphia. The cargo states in this 5 1/2" x 9" bill of lading of Hogsheads of sugar and Coffee being shipped for the merchants in Philadelphia by the name of Dutilh & Wachsmuth. There is more information on these merchants in items D19 and D20 below. --$62

D19: 1791 June 23- Philadelphia, E. Dutilh & Wachsmuth Reciept 3 3/4" x 7 1/4" to John Mackinzie-Ship Journal for 2 1/2 days work on the Sloop Charming Sally, Capt. (Master) Robert Lillibrige. These two prominent merchants in Philadelphia in post-Revolutionary generation were Etienne, later Stephen Dutilh and John Godfried Wachsmuth. Dutilh came from a family of merchants branching through England, Holland, the West Indies, and around southern Europe. Dutilh travelled to keep the European parts of their trading empire together, E. Wachsmuch firmly planted ties in America. They had correspondence to merchants in many countries throughout the Atlantic side of the world who traded in coffee, indigo, flour, cotton wool, silk, logwood, butter, lard, glassware, china, drugs, and implements; There are historic records invoices to and from Bordeaux, Hamburg, Nantes, Rotterdam, Lisbon, London, Port-au-Prince, and other ports regarding trade in cheese, coffee, wine, glassware, hides, earthenware, and other dry goods, plus sugar, indigo, and rice from southern and Caribbean ports. This document is loaded with history of old Philly!--$48

D20: 1793 May 23-25-Dutilh & Wachsmuth reciept 7 1/4" x 8" to William Hall to the rent of a store on Mifflin's Wharf May 25 to April 1 1794. Looks like payment was over 35 pounds Sterling.--$39

D21: 1813 Jan. 6 -size -4x8" -Schooner "Republican"- J. Lockhart -seven gallons of Spirrets $14 dollars, pound of candles 181/2 coins, received the amount in full $14-181/2. The reverse shows -paid $14-181/2. Just think when this transaction was made the American mint was minting the 1/2 cent coppers, so we know the receiver got in hand at least one 1/2 cent, right?--$38

D22: 1812 Dec. 17 -size 4x8" To arrange passage to the W. Indies 1 1/2 bt $2.62 to arng Sch. "Republican" 22ts 5.75 (ditto) dv 2-75 total 9.12 1/2 . Received payment in full Wm. Duane Signed by J. Mulligan. Just think this was a time we were at war with England so you know this had to be a very unsafe trip to the West Indies--$38

D23: 1786 Dec. 19 Capt. Aron Sheffield to T. Hayward to seven days work at Corking on the Brigg "Queen of France" shows numbers listed -possible times? Newport December 19 1786. The reverse shows to the left -Haywood bill paid and charged, in the middle written-Receivd the with in full Hayward-the spelling of this man's name is shown both ways, also on the right edge , again Hayward.This ship is known for tobacco cargos from the Richmond Virginia tobacco fields, nice paper 31/2 x 71/4"--$28

D24:1806 June 10 Liverpool-Owners of Brig. Hamilton to Richard Bawks. This paper shows a listing of materials and thimbles and gives the number of the type material to repair the sails, it mentions N6, 65 3/4 yards, N3, 22 yards, N4, 31/2 yards more N6, 131/4 yards, N7, 10 yards and others of 57 and 43 yards. The totals for these are listed in Pounds signed by Capt. Sam Harding. He was from the state of Maine and this is his ship trading in England. The paper has some bends and it has a small tear around 2/3 down on the lower right. I bought several of these papers on this Captain and his ship most are damaged in some way from improper storage. This paper is watermarked with a Crown over an oval with a lady seated with a trident in the center. It could possibly represent Britannia- 7 3/4X 8" ---$26

D25: 1801 April 18 New York . This paper is a printed form with the information provided in written hand. Shipped in good order and well conditioned by Issac Nicks on board the good Schooner called the "Nautilas" master of the present voyage, Josiah Lane, it goes on to state from New York bound for Boston -Cargo is seven bundles of nail rods a bundle of spike, seventy two bundles of hoop iron. Gives the weight total and signed by Josiah Lane. This paper is nice a Vignette of Neptune riding two horses in the water while he sets on a chariot made of sea shell, he also has his Trident in hand. Below him Embossed is a circle with an eagle over a shield that says "Four Cents". Below this is another emboss that shows 13 stars in a tombstone shape circled. The words around the 13 circled stars read "Com Revos" "IV Cents" On the reverse shows Schooner "Nautilas" Lane 1801--$42

D26: 1819 June 15 Newport(Rhode Island) This is a printed form with written entries. Up in the left area of the document it shows a scene with Lady Commerce seated on merchandise- barrels and boxes of goods ready to be loaded to the old sailing ship in waiting. Nice scene of bygone times. The document says -Shipped in good order and well conditioned by Aaron & Dyre on board the Sloop called the "Halcyon" Master for the present voyage Bliss- now lying in the port of Newport and bound for New York-To say Fifteen Hogsheads New Rum-the document goes on to say that Burrell Calhoune & Co. pay for the freight, one dollar per hogshead 4 3/4" X 8 1/2" nice looking---$43

D28: 1803 April 5 Bill of Sale: Sloop "Swift" this is a three page bill of sale handwritten in very nice shape for it's age. This sells to Peleg Wilbur, owner of Washington Company that was first cotton mill in village of Washington in the town of Coventry, R. I., one eighth of the hull of the Swift together with 1/8 of all tackle apparel and furniture. Vessel was at Warwick. Person selling was Johnathon Bowry of Somerset, Massachusetts. Transaction was for $200.00. Cranston Evans is Master and vessel built at Freetown, Mass. Specks are 1 Deck, 1 Mast, 54' 4" length 18' 2" breadth 6' 1" depth and weighs 57 tons.---$70

D31: 1796-97 Memorandum Book-2 3/4" x 5" thick page, 8 pages total written on front and back. I do not know the person that wrote it but it came from an estate sale in California. "Forbes" estate. This old thing even has a slip case for it to slide into. Looks very old -very dark red(Maroon) with gold trimmed border. Contents reveal an interesting time for the writer. Starts out: I left London for Portsmouth to join the "Fox" Frigate on a voyage to the East Indies Monday June 20 1796. Sailed from Spithead Monday 27th. Lost sight of lands end 1 July. Saw St. Antonio 17th July. Crossed the line Monday 15th August. -Ascension August 20th. Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, anchored at Table Bay Monday 10 September. Sailed from Table Bay on a cruise October 7th. Returned 12 October. Sailed from Table Bay for the East Indies Thursday 10th November. Passed the line Wednesday 28 December Long. Gl 20. Seperated from Capt. Osborn of HMS "Trident" 29th December. 1st January 1797-saw the Island of Sumatra. 5th of January passed the Nicobar Islands. 20th Spoke a shop from Pulo Panang to Bengal who informed us of a French Frigate having had an action with. Good Friday April 18. (More writing, something about higher hill). The "Victorious" & Arrogant", they were supposed to have gone to Batavia. 21st the Union Transport posted Comp in the night. 22nd saw the Island of Nav=Condam. 24th passed the Cocos Island. February 9th at 1:00 am then came to an anchor in 7 fathoms-off the western brace. 10 February at 12 left the "Fox" frigate and went on board the pilot Schooner "Hasting" and weighed anchor. 11th anchored before Calcutta. 12th went to William Graham & Dacshwood and delivered in our certificates to the town Mayor. Ordered to do duty with the 3rd European regiment at Berhampore. 13th April left Calcutta to join the 3rd European Regiment at Burnhampore. 20th Arrived at Burnhampore. The second to last page goes on to say how he made Lieutenant October 30th. Last page has a rundown on some materials. Going back to the very first page it shows some people's births-Sara Dec. 14 1814, gives some measurements, years 1815 & 16. Then seems to tail off on some relations and kin. Sure wish I knew who wrote this interesting thing. Historical & very scarce item. I think worth every bit of--$220

D32: 1781 July 19- Salem-Sale by Auction of the Brig "Expedition" by owner of the Agents. Two pages written on front and back makes four total. Everything of this ship is listed that has been sold. Here is a rundown on a few items...remember this is just a sample. There is too much to list. The Hull of the Expedition with her masts, boat & oars, Anchor, cable, water casks, the whole rigging below, sounding lines, top mast, iron pot & frying pans, lot of blocks, pump gear, 2 compasses, lot of rigging, tools, barrel of pork and one of beef, top gallant sail, many lots of different sail, 5 small arms, lampblack boxes, all listed in Pounds Sterling. Then it goes on to say: deduct cash for advertisement. On the last page of this old thing it lists the agents names, then money figures by each name-totals out to 62,900 Pounds+...then at very bottom of this last page it says...the iron heath sold for hard money not included. This is the only document I have had with total listing of the assets of a Brig going up on the Auction block. Very scarce-rare item. Needs to be in a museum! The paper has some tears in the folds. Looks as if it has been apart but lightly taped back together. Tape is not in the way anywhere. Only very small amount to hold this together. It can easily be taken off. Not cheap but who would you know that had an item like this one?--$275

D36: 1797 -10 October, Printed page of Import /Export items from the Port of Hamburg, Germany. Held up to a light it shows a watermark. The heading of the page printed on front and back says articles imported from America in our currency & English Sterling Money. All kinds of imports, I will list a few. Tobacco, Maryland, young common, Virginia, Carolina & Georgia-Tar Barrels, Coffee, Pimento, cocoa, Pepper, Rum, Saltpetre, Whale Oil, Havana Ox hides, Turpentine, Oak staves, Whale Bones, Bees-wax, Furrs(lists different animals like Bears, Racoons, Otters etc.), Sugar, Indigo, Rice, Ginger, Nutmegs, India white goods(materials) and also Tea. Listed some exports are Linens, Hemp, Iron, Steel, Tin Plates, Brandy, German lead, Genever in casks, Cordage, Saxon blue, White soap, colored Liquor, Window Glass, Sugar refined, Blue powder.. Very bottom of page shows Hamburg with 10 Oct. 1797 written in by hand, then printed= Tonnies & Hammann. Very nice item of history on prices of goods being shipped in and out of the port of Hamburg.--$55

D37: 1799- 15 October, Here is a good one. Its a protest of 1000 Spanish milled dollars(Pieces of 8) dated in Anguilla. Early American Financial document. Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean. It is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. At 30 days sight of this my first exchange (second and third of same tenure and date unpaid) pay unto Francis Sage and Joseph P. Kirkland. L. M. Oliver Smith was a merchant that had dealings with this area in the West Indies in the Caribbean. There is quite a bit written on the inside of the document. This handwritten Exchange note is cool looking. Showing the old wax seals on the documents. The notary is Lyman Law.--$187

D38: 1802 -15 April, 7" x 8" folded in half, 4 Hogsheads of Rum shipped by William Cutler and on his risk on board the Schooner "Sally" bound to Philadelphia and there consigned to Sam Coats from Newburyport. Document has a watermark of a flower with leaves.--$47

D39: 1809 Rio de Janeiro-BALCH & GODDARD vintage 6 page letter that was dated Rio de Janeiro. Letter is about business nature with at least three pages of Prices Current. Dated September 19, 1809. I don't know to whom the letter is addressed. Letter, at bottom of first page, is from what looks like Balch & Goddard. On the last page of letter, written cross directional, at top left, reads Balch & Ridgways. The center lettersheet, pages 3 & 4, are adhered to the bottom of the bottom left of the third lettersheet. Pages have damage at top of the pages, with pieces of them missing. Side edges are not much better, and may even be a little worse. Paper has tears at the main vertical foldline. Also has staining, age yellowing, turned and damaged corners and because of the issues this letter has, should be considered fragile and handled carefully. Letter has faults, but when was the last time one comes across a letter from Rio de Janeiro, from the very early 19th century, with prices current. --$72

For Grog is our starboard, our larboard
Our mainmast, our mizzen
our Log ...
At sea or ashore, or when arbour'd
The Mariner's compass is Grog

PLEASE NOTE: I have other papers like these so keep on the lookout for more to come in the future. I purchased some French ship papers that are from the late 1700s to early 1800s they are written in French and have the Master's name, ships name and their destination most have an old vignette of a sailing ship on them, most are cargos of Bordeaux wine. These are very handsome bills of lading-just need the time to list some.

D40: 1792 Bill of lading from France, ship's name La Nymphe De Bordeaux. Cargo of sugar from the port of La Basse Terre, the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe(French Antilles) to Bordeaux France. It is all written in French on old light blue paper. Marks and numbers are in left ara of the Bill of lading. This would frame nice. Endorsed on reverse with the year 1792 written. Size 7 1/2" x 9 3/4". The item is scanned below, price--$50

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